What is Bloomin’ 4 Good?

Bloomin’ 4 Good is a program in which every floral bouquet sold provides a $1 donation to a nonprofit local to the store in which it was purchased. Our team partners with yours to implement this program in your store locations, with little-to-no touch needed on your part.

What is important for a retailer to know about
Bloomin’ 4 Good?

First, this program has a proven history with proven results and impact. Second, Bloomin’ 4 Good will drive a significant net increase in floral units sold and total gross margin of floral in every single store where it is offered. And third, this is a low-to-no-touch program for retailers. A combination of reporting tools that we provide along with a full team of people doing outreach to the benefiting nonprofits allows the program to work seamlessly and successfully for the retailer.

How do you calculate the amount of meals donated?

We work with local food pantries and food banks across the country to provide nourishing meals to those in need. According to Feeding America, every $1 donation allows partners to secure and distribute 10 meals to those in need. To learn more, read this article by Feeding America.

Does only a certain type of floral bouquet benefit local nonprofits?

Yes, only the assorted floral bouquets with a circle sticker will benefit the selected nonprofit of the month. The bouquet is a grower’s choice floral bouquet, which means that it is a seasonal assortment of flowers. This means that the specific kinds of flowers within the bouquets will change, but the circle sticker on the bouquet is the indicator that it will benefit a local nonprofit upon purchase.

How are nonprofits selected?

Nonprofits are selected by each participating store location on a monthly basis. Th