Frequently Asked Questions

Bloomin’ 4 Good makes it easy for shoppers to support their local communities while simultaneously empowering retail partners to demonstrate corporate social responsibility with minimal effort. Through this program, each of our retail partners’ store locations selects a local nonprofit to benefit from monthly bouquet sales. As selected nonprofits promote their benefiting month, this business model drives new and existing shoppers to participating stores, spikes net floral sales, and surges earned media for our retail partners.


With minimal effort and no extra cost to your banner, Bloomin’ 4 Good is proven to surge earned media for your brand and drive a significant increase in gross margin within all participating stores. Our team executes all aspects of the Bloomin’ 4 Good process, from nonprofit vetting all the way through to donation distribution! All your store managers need to do is make quarterly nonprofit selections and print monthly sign cards, both of which can be accomplished in minutes.

According to Feeding America, every $1 donation allows hunger organization partners to secure and distribute at least 10 meals to people in need. This means that every Bloomin’ 4 Good Bouquet sold can provide 10 meals to people experiencing food insecurity in your stores’ local communities. To learn more, read this article by Feeding America.

The Bloomin’ 4 Good sales model is based on a seasonal arrangement of 10-12 stems, but your bouquet can be any size or configuration you select. To ensure Bloomin’ 4 Good Bouquets are clearly visible to shoppers, bouquets can be identified by their specially marked bouquet sleeve or store signage.

Store managers at participating locations select a new nonprofit every month using our proprietary store management portal. To help store managers make an informed selection process, we ensure each nonprofit’s cause information, participation history, and total donations are clearly visible on the portal. We encourage store managers to diversify their nonprofit selections as much as possible to optimize program performance.

No, there is no limit to the amount of donations a nonprofit can receive from the Bloomin’ 4 Good Program.