#1 selling floral bouquet

First implemented in stores in February 2021

We communicate regularly to selected nonprofits and provide tools to guide them through their campaign to promote their month at your store.

Increase in floral sales

Supporters tend to make multiple bouquet purchases in
a single month.

Drives shoppers to floral

Due to nonprofit promotion, supporters make a point to go to the floral department to find the Bloomin’ 4 Good bouquets.

Net new sales

Bloomin’ 4 Good purchases have no impact on any other floral category.

Give It A Try!

Quick & easy launch

Program can implement within 60 days using your current floral vendors.

Communication package

Engagement communication with selected nonprofits is implemented by the Bloomin’ 4 Good team on behalf of the store.

Low to no touch

Proven low to no touch deployment model is executed by the Bloomin’ 4 Good team.

Immediate impact

Bottom line and community impact begins with the first bouquet sold.

Our Bloomin’ 4 Good Clients

Bring Bloomin’ 4 Good to Your Stores

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