the bouquet that’s

Profitable, Promotional & Purposeful

A Proven Model

Drives Floral Sales and Store Traffic

Since implementation in 2021, Bloomin’ 4 Good continues to prove that this business model drives new and existing customers to participating stores. By spiking store traffic and generating net new sales, this program increases net floral sales and gross margin every month at no extra cost to your banner.

Surges Earned Media and Visibility

Information about your store’s various locations and community impact spreads locally as different nonprofits promote this program to their support networks each month. By building your banner’s reputation as a community-oriented brand and dispersing information about your stores to new and existing audiences each month, this low-to-no-touch program is designed to streamline earned media for your brand.

Shows Your Shoppers You Care

As studies continue to show a steady rise in the percentage of purpose-driven consumers, fostering brand affinity and promoting company values is the key to attracting and retaining shoppers. By sparking hyperlocal change in the communities where your shoppers live, your banner is able to demonstrate its commitment to corporate social responsibility and showcase a positive brand image.

Join Us & Make a Difference!

  • Quick & Easy Launch
    Program can implement within 60 days using your current floral vendors.

  • Communication Package
    Our team executes all communication and engagement with selected nonprofits on behalf of your store.

  • Low-to-No-Touch
    All stores need to do is select nonprofit partners for each month and printed updated sign cards on the 1st of the month. The Bloomin’ 4 Good team manages all other aspects and keeps the cycle going each month.

  • Immediate Impact
    Increased store traffic and earned media spikes begin with the first nonprofit selected. As soon as the first bouquet sells, your community impact starts!

Contact Us!

For more information, reach out to
Jim Brennan, Co-Founder and COO, at:

(207) 351-6903