A Low-to-No-Touch Program

It practically runs itself!

How It Works

We manage all aspects & keep
the cycle going every month.

All stores have to do is:

  • Select a nonprofit each month from the provided proprietary database of vetted organizations local to each of your stores.

  • Print an updated sign card from the customized proprietary portal to display the benefiting nonprofit.

We’ll handle the rest!

The Process

We provide ongoing support to nonprofit partners & to your team!

What We Do

At PS It Matters, our goal is to empower your banner to showcase your commitment to corporate social responsibility with minimal effort.
Below is a complete outline of everything our team does at no extra cost to your banner.

Nonprofit Research and Vetting

Our team’s continuous nonprofit research and vetting process ensures each nonprofit available for selection is active in the community and engaged with the program. By routinely adding new nonprofits and evaluating participating organizations, we guarantee a high level of engagement to maximize your brand’s earned media.

Nonprofit Communication

Through our proven nonprofit communication methodology, we equip selected nonprofits with a wide range of promotional tools, marketing advice, and outreach reminders. Our team also provides comprehensive support throughout each selection period to ensure nonprofits feel supported and valued when partnering with your brand. 

Microsite Creation & Management

Our team designs and maintains a microsite for your banner’s Bloomin’ 4 Good Program in line with your unique branding and messaging style. The website is not only a hub of nonprofit resources but also a place where organizations, supporters, and the general public can easily view your banner’s impact. 

Store Management Communication

To minimize the effort exerted by your banner, our team monitors store-level execution and conducts all necessary communication regarding stock, sales, and signage. Through our proprietary store management portal and direct communication with store leadership, we ensure everything runs smoothly in all participating locations.

Allocation & Data Reporting

We routinely present the value of this program to your banner through frequent data reporting. Focusing on real-time insights, trend identification, and performance metrics, our data reporting strategy is designed to enable your banner to easily visualize the program’s success.

The Economics

#1 Selling Floral Bouquet

Each bouquet in the sales model is based on a seasonal bouquet of 10-12 stems, but your Bloomin’ 4 Good Bouquet can be any size or configuration you select.
*Retailers’ purchase price from vendors.

Bring Bloomin’ 4 Good
to Your Store!

Let’s make a lasting impact on our local communities together!

For more information, reach out to
Jim Brennan, Co-Founder & COO, at:

(207) 351-6903